[Solved] Question about changing column visibility

The Web Api Component Is Not Working The Screen Suddenly Disappears link:Thunkable

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Nothing wrong with the API component.

You have placed the column co_with_human_names imside the column column_with_button. In you blocks you make the co_with_human_names visible which should show in your screen but you make the column_with_button invisible which should disappear from the screen and because the other cloumn is actually inside the column_with_btn it will also disappear from the screen.

From the design screen drag the co_with_human_names outside of column_with_btn and you should see the routine working.

However, It is a good practice when using API is to check for error first before attempting to use the outcome of the API.

Happy Thunking!

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Ok I Will Try Thanks For Helping Me Out

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