Column bug or am I missing blocks? Need help ASAP

Basically I have columns and within those columns are buttons. So for example column 1 will have button 2 and when you press column 1 button 2 column 1 will go invisible and column 2 button 3 will be visible. It works for first column button 97 button 110 and button 111 are buttons to working column but when I tap on other columns the column collapses why is that I tried to check my block over and over and they seem fine to me is it a bug or am I doing something wrong

If your column height and width is set to “fit content” and the only content is a button that is not made visible, or that there isn’t any content at all, then the column would shrink to nothing.

By the way, have mercy on us…
You know that computers can do a screen capture? That would be a lot easier on the eye than taking of photograph of a monitor.
Also, naming every component using the default name makes the intention very muddled; to say nothing about the fact that you organize them randomly. The Button115 logic is at top left, 97 at bottom right, but 117 is dead center… come one, mind keeping it a bit more tidy?

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It can’t be height width or any other because when I made the first one I duplicated to create the rest

And I used to post computer screenshots but the results weren’t much different unless I zoomed and I had to take several

And I meant 97-110- and 111* not 1117. All of them are in ascending order with 97 closing first column and showing second. 110 closing first and second and showing third and so on

I don’t understand too well what you are trying to do but the way you make those blocks it seems like you are ignoring the “procedures, variables and clone components” that would make that a lot of simplier and less blocks ass well , maybe read the docs about how you can use procedures and variables and if still you don’t find a solution comeback and tell us what you did not understand and I can help you

I’ll try to rename columns and buttons so you can understand better

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Trust me: all that moiré effect that shows on photographs would not appear on a screen capture. And the colour would appear even. And the smudge and dirt on your screen would not show.


Renaming columns did not fixed the issue

Renaming did not help me find the issue. But here’s the block

Only the blue highlighted one works

The renaming was not meant to help fix the problem, but ease in isolating it.

So, basically, the ones that are working are ONLY those labelled “user 1”.
Can you show screen capture of the interface?
With various stages of columns visible (as apparently, you set it such that clicking the button in column1 makes that column become not visible, while column2 becomes visible, with each button click moving the visibility ‘deeper’) so that the expected behavior is illustrated.

Where are the various “user” column located?

Comparison between user 1 columns and rest user columns. Above is other users bottom is user 1

image image image image

learn how to work with “procedures, variables and clone components” and trust me it will be better , since no one can exactly understand what your app is going to be and you’ll be able to make a greater and potential app! :sweat_smile:

Yes definitely but right now I want fix to this problem only this is the only issue in my app

Where are the buttons?

And what is this?

(That was mighty hard to capture, since it flashes on and off).

That said, the way your columns are organized, your “user 2 column 1” is the PARENT of “User 2 column 2”. So if your button 1 makes column1 not visible, ALL its children (column2, column3, column4) will also be forced to be invisible, because their ecosystem column1 is invisible.

I think that this is where you have your problem.

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Right now they are in one column and in that column I have user 1-4 columns should I put them in different columns or separate columns

Can you pm me I would share my app link with you and then you can tell me what’s wrong

I am somewhat busy these days and would not be able to grant as much time helping people as I did recently; so, sorry about that.

As to what you should do with your columns, that is a completely different issue. You got @Daniel_Coglitore advising you on a better way to approach the app from an operational point of view, but you insisted that you only wanted to make your present approach to work. Why the change of heart?

Your whole approach to have hundred of columns and hundred of buttons (judging by the original default naming which I presume was purely sequential) which’s only purpose is to make other columns visible and making their own parent column invisible is flawed as being overly specific and wasteful of resources. Good programming is about making parts of the code reused, not as duplication, but as instantiations with new arguments. With those clones, you have everything loaded statically in as many objects as you have data, and have a complex scheme to just show one at a time, when you should show the same objects displayed all the time, but simply reloaded with different data each time.
You are in the situation where you need to take a different fork each time you want to eat a different bite.

Conceptually, you have to start over, from scratch.

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