Issues with displaying rows and columns

Hi all, I am noticing an abnormal operation with the display of some columns. I did a simple test to show it.
I have a Screen1 with three buttons.

By clicking a button I go to Screen2 consisting of one row three columns and one row.

Depending on which button is clicked only one column is visible.

However, the height should be the whole screen and instead only part of it is visible.
The column should be shown on the entire screen.

I have always used this method with other programs (AppInventor, AppGyver, etc.) so as not to increase the number of screens and it works.
This is the link:

Is this my error or an issue?

Thank you

In testing, I found that this happens when a column is scrollable

Isn’t there anyone who can give me an answer?

Thanks for checking in @biagio.prisco, as I mentioned over our messages in intercom, we’re still having to check this out and see if we can isolate an issue. I am generally having a hard time reproducing this except in your app. Hang tight and we really appreciate your patience.

Hi Conroy, I didn’t know I was chatting with you. If you need more information, I can provide it to you. The problem is not occasional but systematic. It certainly happens every time you insert a row object inside a scrollable column object. And every test I did the problem always repeats! If you need I can post the links of many tests. Thank you for your interest

Yes, that is me on intercom :slightly_smiling_face: Always glad to help though and certainly glad you are posting about it here too, we may be able to find more users having the same issue.

Hi conroy, the problem I posed to you in chat is not the one I posted above.
In this post are columns that when they are Visible–>False
they don’t work correctly.
In chat (which is much more important), on the other hand, I posed to you the problem of scroll objects in a column not working.
I don’t think it’s just my problem. I tried with another account and on another machine but the problem is the same.
This is the link:
The scroll in the middle part works in Live Test but does not work with Thunkable Live. I have tried with both a smartphone and an android tablet. If I can do some more tests tell me.

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