Hide components

Hi all,

I would like to hide a textInput or a Button depending on the option made by the user … But I am not finding this option!

How can I do it?



This is not possible in Thunkable X. There is a workaround, see here:

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@Surinder This is the Discussion category for Thunkable X. Your solution uses Thunkable Classic, and @alfcanova probably knows how to do that. Still, helping others in the community is appreciated! :smile:

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@Surinder, @Kanishka_Developer and all

Yes I know the solution for Classic version!

@giorgiospugnesi, complicated and impractical method…

The Thunkable X is fantastic but basic features are missing!

Let’s wait for new releases

Thanks all. All help is welcome!


I’ve found it possible by making the height to 0.

I had a row with 6 buttons.
If my blocks set the row AND the buttons to height 0, they dissapear.

Mine was a provocation :wink:
Visibility is a basic feature.


Hey… it is! :grin: :cry: :joy:

Ok, good idea, but what about restoring the original size and unhiding the buttons?

Thanks again


Have another set of blocks that give them their original height
I have two buttons on my screen:
Each button press triggers specific rows and buttons to become 0 height and others to become 40


Oh, I had not seen that, as I was navigating the normal thunkable discussion.

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