Enable/Disable visibility element

why in this version is not possibile to Enable/Disable the layout or user elements?



For a button, you can do this.

You can make Disable components by placing a transparent Column on top of them - set absolute positioning for it and possibly zIndex:

  1. Add Column1 or Row1
  2. Add control elements
  3. Add Column2 (or other component) with width = 0 and height = 0.

When you want to disable interaction with the controls Column2.width and Column2.height is set equal to the size of Column1 (Row1).


You can also set the button height to 0

Hi there. Sorry that you have to follow some of the suggestions below but we are planning on adding this as a standard property on all visible components.


very good Albert.
is it possible to have visibility of releases? what and When?