Visible and Disable

Hey chicos, saludos.

Desde hace un tiempo para aca vengo probando thunkable y la verdad me ha parecido muy agradable, atractiva y facil de usar.

Ahora me hallo desarrollando una app de prueba para seguir aprendiendo y me hallo con una traba en la version X de Thunkable para IOS y Android, donde deseo que al paresionar un boton aparezca una imagen y al volver a presionarlo desaparezca.

Esto en la version clasica es bastante facil de hacer pero aca en la version X no hallo como, si alguien sabe y seria tan amable de compartir vuestra experiencia lo agradeceria enormemente.

Sin mas chicos, quedo atento.



Change the visibility for different components in a different way. You can use the following methods for this:

  1. Set the width, height or width and height of the component to zero
  2. Make the main color and background color transparent
  3. Make the main color and background color equal to the color of the parent component
  4. Cover the desired components with an opaque cover with the color of the background (using absolute positioning for this)
  5. Place the component outside the screen with a negative coordinate (it uses an auxiliary container with a variable width that is similar to lever pushes or pushes the associated component)


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Unfortunately, it is not a solution.
If you have a column in (Fill container) and it has for instance (images, buttons, etc)
You can set it to “Zero” in the blocks screen to hide it but how can you show it and make it (Fill container) again in the blocks screen?
Changing colors does not work if the column has images or buttons with image background.

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I hope that Thunkable will add the feature “Visibility” to True and False in the block screen the next release.

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You are wrong. Width and Height blocks of components can accept parameters in numerical and text form. To display the value as a percentage, I use a text block with text “50%”. To fill a container, you need to use a text block with the text inside it “Fit contents” or “Fill container”.


@actech I was wrong. You are really good!
I’ve just notice that. If I the one who asked the question, then definitely I would press a Solution.
Thanks a lot!

Hell yeah!!

Gracias a ambos me han ayudado mucho a conseguir la solucion a mi problema, ya puedo seguir adelante en el desarrollo de mi app.

Muchas gracias

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Franck. Please, press on “Solution” for Alex’s comment (actech) he is the one who gave the solution.

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