Visibility property does not work on Adroid with absolute positioning

The visibility property for the orange list viewer and the red label is turned off, but they are beautifully displayed on the Android screen.

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@actech We discovered that bug too! It should be fixed in our next release.

FYI, the real issue is that the ‘Get’ block for the ‘Visible’ property wasn’t working correctly.


This is a problem with one of the libraries we use. I don’t think it will be fixed in the next release. We know it has nothing to do with the blocks.

I am trying to make a greyed out screen and loading icon, to stop users changing data while it is uploaded.

I am using a column absolutely positioned over the entire screen, and a loading icon. This means users cannot click buttons twice or change the input details. But even when set to invisible at the start, it does nothing.

I have tried setting invisible using blocks and the designs settings navigator on the right.

Any update on a fix for this?


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The visible property does not work for absolute positioning on Android. To fix this, make it invisible by setting the width and height = 0 or place the component with absolute positioning in the component in a container without absolute positioning and hide it.


Thanks @actech

Is this still happening on Android? Thunkable team working on this bug?

Yes, this doesn’t work on my Android.

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When the component (row or column) is in the absolute position, the visible and invisible option does not work for Android. This problem is still unresolved. Did you forget it or can’t it be resolved?