Loading icon "visible" property being ignored on Android


There’s this loading icon on my app that should pop up when some action is taken by the user. I’ve set the icon up so that it covers the whole screen, with a grayish background color which dims the other elements.

The logic behind this is the simplest possible: the loading icon’s “visible” property is set to “false” by default, and when some action is taken, the same property changes to “true”. In fact, it works perfectly fine on iOS - but Android seems to just ignore this logic, because the loading icon is showing up by default, dimming the entire screen and blocking the user from doing anything else.

To make sure visible’s set to “false”, I even did the following:


But nothing changes:

I’m sure nothing else is changing visible’s value to true, and since this is only happening on Android devices, I believe it might be a bug.

If you’ve got any ideas on this issue please let me know. Thanks!

If the loading icon’s positioning is set to “Absolute” instead of “Relative”, the “Visible” property won’t work as expected on Android. This is a known issue, unfortunately.

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