Components with visible set to false still appear

My thunkable issue is that whenever I live preview my app on mobile it is showing everything Visible means the design Components that should be invisible that is visible this all is happing in thunkable drag and drop feature

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Do you use any vertical or horizontal configuration?
Have you set visibility to not?

Yes i have kept the visible to false

Can you share the program

My parents have said no

What OS are you using?
There are some issues with the visible property on android phones.

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To false? Meaning not visible?

Can you post a screenshot of your Design tab and of your Preview screen?

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Your project is already public.
Wich means anyone can see, edit or review your project.
unless you have a Thunkable pro subscription and set your project its privacy to private.

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Uploading: Look.png…

I can’t understand anything from that screenshot. Can you explain what the problem is using specific examples? It looks like you’re using a listviewer but… what is not showing up that should be?

The problem is with thunkable because my teacher have told me that the problem is with thunkable drag and drop feature the issue is that i have keep some labels list viewer visible to false and when I live preview it on mobile the labels list viewer visible to false is true now have you understood


Okay, I do understand. What is the name of a label component that is set to Visible=false but still appears when you preview? And which screen is it on?

There is not 1 label their is so many labels and the screen this is happing with all the screen

This comment from @muneer might help:

This looks like it could be the issue:

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@muneer Is this only on Android devices? Because I set a label to visible=false and it previews correctly (hides) on my iPhone.

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Yes, this bug is Android related.

Do you try this on thunkable drag and drop feature

@tatiang see this post with similar issue in the old UI.

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But sir i have to submit it in 4 days only and yes i want to ask that should i update the thunkable and it is woking fine in laptop or pc why this is happing with thunkable