Is there any way to let the user re-arrange rows in a list

Hi. I know there is such function I Xcode, where you can let the user re-arrange the order in a list. Is that possible at Thunkable?

Sure, you can manipulate a list in Thunkable all you want.

A typical swap of items would work like this:

Set variable [name] to list item #x
Set list item #x to list item #x+1
Set list item #x+1 to variable [name]

There are other ways you can do it but that’s probably the simplest.

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Thanks! I will have a look then… :+1:

Hi. I have been looking at this but can’t make it work properly. Would you mind give some more detailed instructions how I could do?

Thanks in advance!

It’s not really clear from your first post how you want the user to re-order the list (all at once, by swapping etc.).

You can use the algorithm I posted to swap two items in a list. If you post a screenshot of the blocks you’re using, I can help with any problems.

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Hello tatiang

My thunkable issue is that whenever I live preview my app on mobile it is showing everything Visible means the design Components that should be invisible that is visible this all is happing in thunkable drag and drop feature

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@shirsathdhruvau Is this related to re-arranging a list? If not, you should start a new topic instead of posting here.

Please post screenshots of your Design tab and your Preview screen so we can see what is happening for you.

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There is a known bug that prevents visible=false to work when the component is absolutely positioned.

In DnD all components are positioned as absolute and therefore they will not hide if you set visible=false.

Hope that explains the issue.

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Thank you. This issue now has it’s own topic:

I’ll repost your comment there.