Button visible "false" not working for Android


the block “Button XY set visible to false” does not work for android. I want to hide a button that is displayed on top of a Google map because there are issues on Android (not clickable) but the block does not seem to work in Android at all (neither companion nor built app):

First I thought it might be the “platform is android” block that is not working but it worked after I replaced the “set visible” block with “remove button XY”.

Any ideas what could solve this or is this another bug I came across?


This block does not work when the component has absolute positioning. You have this block does not operate in Live or installed application?

Check this on Android.


Thank you for this hint. I think it is meant to be working no matter what the “position” is set to. It works fine on iOS but does not work at all on Android. Neither in companion nor final built app :wink:

Let’s clarify once again. On your device Button visible “false” not working for Android for any value of the properties of position?

If so, you will have to use crutches - Button put in Column Column invisible and do, change the button size to 0, to make a button transparent.

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I think is the important piece of information. I have experienced the same issue with elements absolutely positioned not getting hidden, now I read that this is only on Android. @Chris, please file a bug report here: https://github.com/thunkable/thunkable-issues/issues/new?template=bug_report.md


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Thanks for flagging this @Chris

Additionally, can you create a simple example that demonstrates this in action.



Here’s a sample app. The Button that is positioned absolute will not hide on Android but instead it’s distance from the top is erased…

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Thanks - I’ve added this to the Github Issue.

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Is it completely imposible to have a button over a list and hide it on androide???