Why is a column or a row visible in absolute position when visibility = false?

Hello I have a little problem I would like to know for what reason is it a column or a line when you define its position on Absolute, and its visibility on false it is still visible ?

The bug this product only on Android

I tried it on web view, IOS all works well

Here is a project that reproduces the problem


I believe this is a known bug on Android. The workaround is to set its width and height to 0 however, if it has a border it will still be visible as a dot on your screen.

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I have just found the solution lol, thank you. I have updated the project. It’s a known bug so you think there will be an update one day ?

I believe it is related to this: New in RN 0.54, Android only: using display: none and position: absolute together doesn't work right · Issue #18415 · facebook/react-native · GitHub

So if it gets solved there, it will eventually be in Thunkable as well.