[Resolved 😢] Issues with StP and hiding/showing Absolutely positioned components

Hello Thunkers ! :blush:
Issue background:
Working in StP version, I have a row… in that row I put an image representing a graph that will show precipitation for the next hour.
In the next image, will see that as the 3rd image (bottom of the screen)

Next, when no precipitations will be on the graph, I want to put another image over that graph, for not showing an empty graph, but something like:

For that, obviously, I set 2nd image advanced-positioning-position as absolute
To show/hide my second image i use a variable.
And I thought that setting my image visible to TRUE or FALSE according to that variable will be enough. But it wasn’t. No matter what, my second image is visible (and I already checked that variable, is working as it supposed to do.
So instead of using:
I used:
And the result was as intended, so It`s not really an issue for me anymore, but I wanted to share others how this can be solved …

Is this a “set visible” bug when working this way (overlapping images…)


Thunkable has a long standing issue with visibility of absolute components in Android.

If you set the component as absolute the visible property does not work.

I have to say that I have seen this bug on and off. It works sometime and not the other. The workaround I use is to set the size of the component to the smallest possible.

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Mine was to set picture’s source to something, or nothing :innocent:
If I use yours with a microspcope, I still can see it :rofl:

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Your are an app developer not a microbiologist, don’t use a microscope :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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  1. I’m not an app dev, just an enthusiastic , but thank you :blush:
  2. You know the users, they always find “problems” with our apps :rofl:

Anyone building apps here should consider themselves, at the least, a junior Thunkable developer!

As a company we use the term creator, but I personally call myself a dev. And when I pull in a backend tech like xano, I’m a full stack nocode dev. :wink:

But this is obviously up for debate, but idk! I know what I am!! I’m out here developing apps for myself and others everyday!


Sorry, to clarify here, it sounds like when you set a absolutely positioned element to be invisible, that doesn’t work. Is that correct?


Yes, this is correct on Android only. It works fine on iOS.

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Correct. To be more specific, I’m using StP, Live view on Android.


THank you. I’ve replicated this. I’m filing a bug report now.

[Update] :cry:

So, I heard back on this. I was informed that as work to release a DnD only version of our platform and with some exciting upcoming components, we unfortunately won’t be fixing this specific issue.

I realize this is likely not what anyone wants to hear. However, focusing on pushing out a fully functioning version of DnD with rows/columns, float in place, maintain component dimensions, and a solid StP => DnD converter is our focus at this time. We want to make it such that you can update seamlessly and be done with StP.

There’s no timeline on this but I wanted to offer some transparency and openness with a dash of hopefulness for the upcoming releases!!! This year, we’re trying to reach the moon :rocket: :new_moon:


If DnD version will bring us faster DVL, than I won’t regret StP :blush: