Positioning and Sizing in DnD

I am facing an issue while testing on my Android phone. When I am hiding the components they are going on the top corner and still been seen while testing on my Android phone. So can I get help regarding it? This issue is still occurring even when I download the app and check but this issue does not happen on web view or ios.

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There’s a known bug with components with absolute sizes set not disappearing correctly when visible = false on android. Is that the case for your project? You can work around it by making the sizes relative or setting their sizes to zero instead of making them invisible. Hope that helps!


@catsarisky you are correct about the bug but the DnD UI does not provide relative positioning.

Everything you do in DnD is absolute positioned. The only way around it is the size to zero or the smallest possible.

But there is no option to resize in DnD UI in blocks