How do I set responsive sizing/vertical alignment


My app components aren’t scaling correctly on different phone screens. Labels are bigger and overlapping other components, etc. I’m assuming this is because I’m using absolute sizes for components.

I’m reading this article and it no longer seems to apply to what I’m seeing in the platform. I understand the site went through a redesign, so I’m wondering how to do this now?

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The article you read was about StP (Snap to Place) and it seems you are using DnD (Drag and Drop) so many terms and descriptions won’t be relevant.

You could start a new project and make sure you leave the box in the new project dialog unchecked to use StP.

That’s annoying but okay, thanks for letting me know. I was starting to really wonder why none of the documentation was useful.

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If you click on Snap to Place, you can click on Drag and Drop to switch to the documentation pages for Drag and Drop:

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