How do you use relative sizing

I am new to thunkable and have made quite a complex but working app. However, when testing on a device with a different size, the components were all messed up. From research such as through thunkable docs I realise that my components must be set as “relative size”. However, I cannot see where I can set these properties, and all examples I have found seem to be outdated/different as I cannot see these options anywhere.

Any help is much appreciated.

“image of where I have searched for this option”

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I have just realised this is because I have used the drag and drop interface. Is there any documentation on the new interface or can I convert my project to the older one, so I can finish and publish my app

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You can’t convert to the older one.
Only When creating a new project.
Also as far as i know the new ui already uses relative sizing as default.

Are you maybe using the drag and drop designer? Yep.

There’s no backward conversion, but you /can/ import a saved screen from the old designer into the new one, which sounds weird but seems to work to give you an old style layout if you need it within a new project.

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I believe Thunkable developers removed the option to import “saved screen” from the DnD menu. I could not find it the last time I wanted to do such.

Oh, that’s unfortunate! More reasons I’m not switching to drag and drop any time soon.

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