Any tutorials on positioning and sizing?

Just found Thunkable today and so far I’m loving it over previous DnD app builders!

One thing I’m scratching my head over is sizing and positioning. Is there no way to set these properties in Thunkable X?

I’ve got just enough skill that I can handle this in source code once I’ve finished the project but I’d like to avoid it if I can?

Which interface are you using?

Thunkable X

By that, she means: are you using the Legacy UI or the Drag N Drop Beta UI?

I’m fairly sure Drag & Drop but I’m new here so I’ve attached a picture of my screen

EDIT: I’ve just seen in the settings it is DnD

Are you wanting to set the size and position of components dynamically using blocks? Can you give an example of something specific you’re wanting to do?

Yes that’s basically the gist. I’ve already created my layouts in Figma using iPhone 12 Pro frame sizes (390 x 844) and set all the element constraints there and I’d just like to re-add the constraints so the elements can size and position dynamically.

For example in this screen the window PNG overlaps into the top nav bar which is fine but on a taller screen the window should sit just underneath the nav bar.

Thanks! I didn’t realize there were two different UIs. I’m much happier with the Legacy UI!

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You can actually important a design directly from
Figma if you use the new DnD editor @jamalssl8u

Your design looks great, can you tell us a little more about the app you’re working on?

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