How to import screens in thunkable drag and drop

I want to user thunkable DnD as my main creator but I cant import screen from my old apps can anyone help me with this?

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Have this problem too but they are working on it, i would love to know the ETA so that i may dexide whether to go and start using the older version

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the things is
i am a long time app dev and i was using thunkable

You can use the legacy uI until they add this feature.

I had developed a quiz app in the new drag and drop but realised that data in my lables does not respond according to screennsize, so am froced to go redesign in the old version which was responsive to container or lable width and height

The problem is redesignig a whole app is rather cumbersome, the UX plus all the block…there has to be a better way for migration,

Importing screen works on DnD. You might end up having to adjust the design but it works since long.

You have to create a workaround for it but Thunkable staff were not recommending it and removed the option from the menu.

This is the old menu of the DnD screen options

thats noted, thanks
but we need feedback from thunkable on the responsiveness of components before we spend too much time designing and yet the final product looks different on different phones, especially when pulling data from airtable and the data has varying lengths its just disturbing.

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Hi i noticed it too any i loved that feature And i don’t know why they removed this feature.
I recommend drag and drop feature is most essential then the actual one
And also the drag and drop mode have not features equal to the main thunkable like local storage and many more .
I request to Thunkable that please add these features in drag and drop too because drag and drop is more easy to the users then the actual one