Adding saved screens in the new UI

Hey Thunkers!
Any idea how to add a screen that has been ‘Saved to my screens’ to a project in the new UI? I am not able to. I did a lot of work in the old UI, and then realized I needed to switch to the new one. I saved my screen to my screens, and now am notable to add this to my new UI project. How can I do this?


I’m inclined to believe that you cannot port old UI screens to new UI.

I remember, I read somewhere from Thunkable staff (@domhnallohanlon, I think) post that a porting / migration tool being worked on

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You can add them, but things get weird…



Thanks. What do you mean by weird exactly?

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The designer visually jumps around bit when you mix drag/drop and row/column screens together. I also had some issues with navigators with mixed projects not displaying correctly. After that, I stopped using it.

And based on some comments I traded with Thunkable Staff on GitHub (Realtime DB Listener not updating text input , but does play sounds. · Issue #777 · thunkable/thunkable-issues · GitHub) I don’t think the Thunkable team anticipated Thunkers mixing and matching. So I a little concern that mixing project might be buggier than usual.


Oh ok. This screen that I wanted to add had no alignment components. Do you think if would still respond unusually? Thanks!

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You can definitely try it @codeswept - but I wouldn’t expect it to work reliably.

As @drted mentions above, our intention was that Drag and Drop screens only work in the new UI and that Snap to Position screens only work in the legacy UI.


Thanks for the info!