Version History - fixes needed

PLEASE make some changes to the Version History feature.

I just lost work because I didn’t realize that when you click anywhere below the version name, it immediately and without warning replaces the current project with that version. And there is no way that I’m aware of to undo that. And because the Auto-Versions don’t have the correct time (at least in my time zone), I can’t tell which of those versions might be close to the one I lost. The auto-version times are always AHEAD of the current time where I am so it doesn’t make sense to read the names. I reported that a month ago here.

It’s also not possible to scroll around the Blocks tab after clicking on a version. I assume you have to actually click Restore to do that but… you should be able to see ALL of the blocks before you decide that.

I’m also having problems where I can’t delete certain versions. I’m not sure what that’s about and it doesn’t always happen but the three dots menu will only have Restore as an option (Save As and Delete are grayed out).

And one more issue: if I create an auto-save version and then try to edit the name of an older auto-save version, the project crashes and reloads. After that, I can edit the name of the older auto-save without a crash.

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I’m worried this is getting lost in the forums as new topics are posted.

Here’s the tl;dr: if you click right below the name of a saved version history, it immediately and without warning replaces the current project with that version with no way to undo that change.

@ioannis @matt_conroy

Have you been able to duplicate these two issues? When can they be fixed?

It’s a very serious issue that clicking anywhere below a version name automatically replaces the current version with that older version. There is no warning and no choice for the developer, and no way to undo it.

Hi @tatiang, apologies that this original thread got buried and we did not see it. Unfortunately, I am not able to replicate this issue. I have clicked into that “danger zone” area, a preview of that version will appear, but then I can the back carat next to version history and my current version is restored. I’ll attach a short video of that action below. Does this action not work for you to get out of the preview of that version?

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Okay, I’m understanding now that there is a preview of the older version and then I can back track to the current version. That definitely wasn’t intuitive for me. Google Docs has a “Restore this version” button at the top that makes it obvious what is happening. Thunkable needs an equivalent button.

Good feedback on this that I will pass along, @tatiang! You are absolutely right. Our Community would make a really great UX test group.

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