Version history - thank you Thunkable Staff!

When Version history was first introduced, I was excited and then… disappointed. It had so much potential but the constraints on it made it almost unusable.

Well, today I noticed that things have changed! Not only are Pro users given more versions to use per project but there is an auto-save feature (amazing!) and the ability to rename versions to add notes. I love this! :clap:

I’m not sure if I missed an announcement but either way, I’m really thankful that this functionality was added. It makes a huge difference in terms of how I feel about the reliability of the product (which I already felt was good) and how much I want to use it.

I think this increase in versions from 1 to 10 for Pro users is also an acknowledgment of the fact that Pro users are serious users of Thunkable and need some robustness to their projects.

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@matt_conroy @ioannis

Uh oh… version history seems to have locked my project. I can no longer edit it: Thunkable

Edit: Closing and re-opening the project seems to have restored editing access.

Appreciate the feedback about Versioning, @tatiang! I will share that with the team who worked on this project!

Sounds good!

Just a small note that my versioning history auto-save time was listed as today at 7:00am even though it was only 6:30am where I live (PDT). Perhaps that’s a time zone thing?

For example, right now at 7:30am on March 24, it shows this:


@ioannis @matt_conroy

This is still an issue. Auto-saved versions appear to be in the future. When can this be fixed?

2 months later :man_facepalming:

That’s a small fry bug it seems.

Hi @tatiang and @jared, thanks for reaching out. This is being worked on currently (with a few additional pieces of feedback we received about Versioning) and should be slotted in to be released soon, hopefully in the next few weeks at the latest.

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