Variables and Data sources

I have a page called “ORARI” and a local database made up of 2 columns (STAZIONE and CODICE), where when I click on a button
sets the “station variable” from the database and copies the values ​​of the column STAZIONE; and sets the “codex variable” always from the same database and copies the values ​​of the CODICE column.
when I open the new page called ORAGLOBAL , I set in a SampleList the values ​​of “station variable”. and i see a list of STAZIONE .
When I press on an item in the SampleList I would like the STATION value to be shown in label 8 and the corresponding CODICE value in label 10.
In label 8 i see the right selected item but in label 10 i have always 1,3, 5,6,7 etc etc ( the value of CODICE ) but not corresponding .

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It is virtually impossible for us to troubleshoot this issue without seeing your blocks. Could you please post a screenshot of what you have so far?

Thank you!

Post a screenshot of the database. Also provide an example of what the two labels should show (not just a description but actual sample values from the database).

I’m guessing the problem is that you’re using the codex variable as a property name (which can only be “STAZIONE” or “CODICE”) but I can’t figure out what you’re actually wanting without seeing the screenshot and example data.

this is NA-sarn database

in label 10 i see all codice and not corrisponding

I need to know what you want to see in Label10.

Is this what you want to do?

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@tatiang I want that the right codice in picture , after item selected is Napoli P Garibaldi and is OK in label 10, i want the number in Label 10 is the Codice of database .
in picture for Napoli P.garibaldi is 3 and not 1, 3, 5 , 6, 7, etc etc etc

ok @tthompson41231 with your block is ok… thanxs

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