Problem using database

I continued working on my project and I have new challenges

  1. when I started to use datebase It happened

  2. I set the database up, like this

  3. When I run the app without database it worked, but when I use database it stopped working. I configuered like this

Any ideas about what am I doing in the worng way???

How are you setting the value of app variable Capitulo and what is the actual value of that variable when the carga contenido function is called?

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Hello @anubos112thez
It appears that the issue is linked to the labels.
To resolve this issue, please delete the labels on the “Contenido” page and then add them back again.

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Thanks for your help… I did what you say

It did not work… then I copy the screen and delete the old one

It did not work

It nice hearing from you again… thanks a lot…

I set “variable capitulo” at the beginning as a number

When user choose “capitulo number” on “capitulo” screen I load the index of number user chose to the “variable capitulo”… so that on “contenido” screen I can take all of the content of that row number.

Thanks for helping me.

Tatiang, I hope you be well. I have been trying everything and I can’t resolve the problem, do you have any ideas that I can test?.. thank you a lot.

As a test, can you use the Get Value block with an integer (Math block)? Are you able to display a value from your data source in a label that way? If not, you need to fix the data source sync.

You can share the project link if you want… it’s hard to troubleshoot this from screenshots.

Hello @anubos112thez
It appears that the issue is linked to the labels and buttons
To resolve this issue, please delete the labels and buttons on the “Contenido” page.
Check that the app doesn’t crash and then add the labels and the buttons one by one (please don’t use copy-paste).

Thanks for replying me. I dont know how you share your app so that I can study it

I wanna share V1.7App but I dont know how to do it.


See this: Share your Project - Thunkable Docs

Thanks a lot. I got it. Here you are Thunkable

I wanna say it is too extrange when you run in detail page, then it works… take a look here

This did not work on Live test device

too weird ;(

What do you do to make it display that in the browser? I’m not sure how to use your app. When I click a category at the top and then click an item from the list, I’m taken to a blank page with just the categories at the top.

Edit: Okay, I figured it out. I click Antiguo then Génesis and then 3.

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You’re giving your Web Viewer an html script rather than a public url. That’s probably the problem with your project.

Make sure your urls are publicly accessible web pages.

Hello @anubos112thez,
The app crashes because you set a field to “True” as a string (not a boolean) to a local table. I know that it works on iOS and web but not on Android. I have flagged this to our engineering team and will follow up here as soon as possible.

Thanks for your answer. So, meanwhile your engineer check that out, how can I solve the problem? How can I read a boolean value from a table?

I an using a web viwer because I can manage the bolb letters and the branches, so that I can organize the text content, let me show you

I don know how I can do it using labels, so I used a web viwer, but I am not using internet conection at all, I just type HTML code with the content text, I am not using publicly accessible web pages.

Let me show other way that works, but I am afraid it does not work because I should paste 4.000 long blocks (bible content text)

When I set this url in that way, it works

But when I take the url from the table it crashes.

Let me know any help. Thanks a lot

Hello @anubos112thez
It is not currently possible to read/store a boolean value on a Table.
You will need to add an extra condition before you connect the table value on the button block.

It worked, I delete boolean value from the table and It worked.

But now I have other problem

I can not set up table 10, do you know how I can do it?

Hi there @ioannis and @tatiang … I was wondering if it is possible set up the “Table #” as a variable ??

Because I dont wanna duplicate those blocks instead I wanna set up a varible. Do you know how I can do it?.. Thanks in advance.

Hello @anubos112thez :wave:
I am investigating the issue with the local Table.

Regarding your question regarding adding the Table dynamically, unfortunately, is not possible but it is a great suggestion. You could make a post on Feature Requests about it

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