Database Management

Help!!! I have a simple application that at the touch of a button opens the “phone” function. now all the data is written in the app code I would like to make sure that the label and the number are retrieved from an external database to allow rapid maintenance, can someone manage to route me?

Using Airtable, along with our Spreadsheet component, would be one way to do it.


thanks @Mark as always very kind !!! do you know where I can find, if any, a tutorial / example that I can study?

I think I’ve solved it … now I try then I’ll post the code and tell me if “I was good” :joy::joy::joy:

Does anyone know why this happens to me?
I have an app that retrieves data from a DB AirTable, at the first display or missing some data or some data is wrong, this inconvenience disappears at the second request to view data from the DB, do I have to start something at the start of the app?

if you can take a look