iOS app crash with database and firebase (works on android)

Hi, I have made an app for a museum. The app is also published on play store and works fine.

I tested the app with iphone and it crashes when i open the screen linked do the firebase database. The app download the filtered column on a list and, when have to show the specific row and put on container (image, label…), it crashes. I don’t understend the reason.

Here my project. Hope someone can hepl me.

This problem mostly reads if you are trying to get a value that is empty (if there is no value)

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@PaoloDECA, Sorry for your issues! Is there any way that you could create a really simple example project the shows the problem? Another thing you could do is check on the 'Error" blocks from your Airtable operations, to see if there are any problems there.


Hello, I solved the probleo on iOS. It was a variable linked to notthing. On android it worked normally, not on android. I will publish the porject. Thanks for helping :wink:

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