[Solved] Authentication not working on android but working on iOS

Is anyone else having issues with the realtimeDB login component on Android and iOS. After some updates today with the app but not at all with the login screen or login components, I am unable to login to my apps on my android devices but the login works just fine [only in the live companion app] however this problem is not contained to one app only

I can’t widely share the project as it is my main work. I will keep updating but i have tried this in more than one app.
I could share the link via PM with the devs or certain users too.

this is not the main project but another that demonstrates the issue.

the login component works on live companion app on my iPhone. when i download the app, the login does not work.

Before i even click login, i see the error from firebase that i need to verify my email. this doesnt make sense because i hadnt even logged in yet.


Yes, I also created another project and it doesn’t work obviously it crashed on android
@domhnallohanlon sorry for the bother but I think this is important

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i’m glad it’s not just me. I thought I had screwed something up bigtime

I have just released one of my apps for BETA testing. My login screen has crashed for some reason. When users go to login it is asking them to verify email address again.
When trying to register i get an error such as:

I thought it may have been from new features that i was adding to it, but after testing an older version from which the images are taken the older version is also producing the same error.

It is working in the live testing but not when Publish to Web
It has been working fine for months

currently firebase signin function have some issue,
user cannot signin
Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 12.06.32

all my apps have same issue,

same as me, also for the realtime database

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so we just waiting for admin to feedback :joy:

Ive got this error from firebase real time database


Yes man, same problem, my app stopped working overnight.
Now i’m not able to log in or display anything coming from firebase.

Does anyone have his app already built and downloaded on the phone ?
I was wondering, what if i release my app and a problem like this one happens?

Will it be affected ? If yes, at least in my case, it will be an enormous problem since my code relies on data that have to be downloaded from the database

as my site, this issue do not effect to the built app,
it will effect to live test and responsive web app, I think.

Yes, Live test app and responsive web app are affected.
I’ve also tried to build the app and install it now but it does not work ( of course the code is “contaminated” )

Anyway, I’m glad that apps built before this problem still work.

PS: did you open a request on github ? If not I’ll do it

I didn’t send a request, could you please help us to do this,


Hi there,

Sorry that you guys experienced this behavior!
As @wikilinks.infooleua0 said, GitHub is the best place to report this behavior.
As you can see in the comments of this issue that was filed, this behavior should be fixed by now.
Please let us know if this behavior persists for you.



Thank you @jane. All good here now. :slight_smile:

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hi @jane,
the real time DB still have issue,
can not get value from firebase,
Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 17.01.56
please help me to check
thanks and regards,

Hi @justin.thanh84v20,

Is this an issue with the Firebase Sign In component or with the Firebase realtimeDB component?

If the former, could you comment on the Github issue linked above?
If the latter, you leave a comment on this Github issue that discusses this behavior from the realtimeDB component?

Well I thought everything was good until I tried to log in on my phone and got this error. Logs in fine on my Ipad but not on my Iphone.

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Would you mind posting a link to your project so I can try incorporate the blocks and visual components for you? I’ll share a version of your project working after then. Only if your comfortable with this :slight_smile:

I will also along with this try and explain a bit better how you should add & delete data to your Firebase to make this work. Your Firebase should look like you initially had it (i.e. without the Status tag as this is useless with my most recent reply with the new blocks). Your Firebase DB will only contain information about parking spaces in use, and if a spot isn’t in use it should not exist in your Database.