Firebase being deleted

Having a new major issue, my app has 4 screens, 3 were working fine and 1 was saving to database but not returning the data. I was a little confused at first because the blocks on that page were the same as the others and the other screens were returning data from the database. Upon closer inspection of the database I realised that the data for that page had gone missing shortly after being submitted(basically phantom deleting) no idea why, there one minute and gone the next. This happened several times after testing. Then on my last testing not only did the data from that page go missing but the whole database had been deleted. Also it had changed the name of the databases main key a slight variation of the original key.

When you send an empty value to firebase it will all your entire database , so you have to make sure that none of your blocks are sending a tag with an empty value. that could be a reason for your database to be deleted however this is just something that happened to me if this is not your case then I don’t know what else could be :sweat_smile:

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Oh I forgot about that happening. I will have to re-check all my blocks in the morning. Cheers for the reply Daniel. Here’s to hoping it is that simple. :grinning:


Weeellll my database has returned after its holiday to god knows where :rofl: so I tried an experiment, I deleted all blocks that i had COPIED from another screen and re-did manually and problem solved. So copying code may save time but could be prolematic later on. :). Just something to be aware of.

haha good! yeah we have to be aware of everything :joy:

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Yeah kinda hard to tell if I am screwing it up or its a bug :rofl: but app is working fantastic now.

In my case 95% It is me and 5% is a bug :laughing:

:rofl: Same