Firebase data constantly disappearing?

Hi all,

I’ve been using firebase to store some user data and yet it is constantly being deleted and I have no idea how or why. I have information layered like the following:

Annotation 2020-02-19 021748

Has anybody experienced such a thing? I have multiple of the USERID sections and after a few days they just seem to disappear… what gives? It seems to just randomly delete all the data of individual users on a whim?

it is most likely, unfortunately, something to do with your blocks. i run into weird things with firebase. I wish i could figure out what I’m doing wrong. somtimes i can, sometimes not ;(… mostly not. my airtable game is strong though! :laughing:

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I imagine you’re right! I’ll try to get to the bottom of it! Airtable has been working flawlessly for me!

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