Realtime database deletes old data

Hi everyone I wanted to use the realtime database to store user data but real-time database deletes the old data when I enter a new one. Does anyone know why that is?
It basically needs to do the following: “A” creates an account, logs in to set account and goes to a page to create a username and fill in age. when “A” did that and “B” would do the same process the realtime database would delete de data from person A and save the data from person B instead.
And I ask for username after the login cause you can’t log in with username only with email.


Hi, you need to clearly understand how to work with data in Firebase. The Firebase data model is based on JSON, not table data as you think. First, you need to understand what JSON is and how to work with it.

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I think I understand it now, I’ve created another project to use it and now I know how to use it and how the realtime database works. Thanks