Firebase DB data being overwritten instead of new record

Hey all,

I’m so out of practice with databases. I am sure this is probably an easy fix, but here is the problem.

  1. I am have some data uploaded to my Firebase DB. But when I restart the app and go through the steps again, instead of adding a new record, it’s overwriting the existing one.

  2. ALSO, it appears to be updating the LAST submission instead of the current submission - if that makes sense.

For example, I go through the steps and enter ABCD into a field. When I submit it, it doesn’t update the DB. I go through the steps a second time and enter EFGH into the same field. When I submit it, the database is updated with the FIRST entry of ABCD.

Sooooo, where did I go wrong on these two issues? Thanks for your help guys and gals!


Hey @jamcosolutions,
The thing is that REAL-TIME DATABASES just don’t store data for that you need a CLOUD-FIRESTORE there are ways you can store multiple units of data…But for now you just need to switch to the CLOUD-FIRESTORE

Realtime databases are used in video-conferencing apps because you don’t need to store the video unless you are recording it :slight_smile:

Ah! That makes sense. Thank you.