Firebase Updating Some Values, Deleting Others

Okay, I’m stumped.

On a button click, a variable gets updated. If that variable is above the value of another one, it pulls a function to update various data in my firebase database. Two of them are simple “increase the value by one/two” updates that are working just fine.

The problem is with the other ones. They straight up delete out of the original entry. At this point the function has to pull two values from another database entry, which it does successfully - my first thought as to why the original entries were deleting was that the variables weren’t being set correctly and it was deleting null variables. No - the data is being pulled successfully in to the update variables.

After that the set up is very similar to the first two entries - save to database, path to the property in question, insert update variable as the new value. But they just disappear out of the database. I’m really not sure why this is happening as these three values have the same update structure as the two that work and the values they are being replaced with are pulled successfully.

Does anyone have any idea why this might be happening?

Hi @amaranthine :wave:

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How many variables do you have, or are you just updating the one variable?

Do you have duplicate event handlers here?

Can you share a screenshot of what the blocks doing this look like please?