Firebase data deletes when I'm trying to change it

Hello, thunkers! I have an issue with firebase database. So my app allows people to help each other and so every user can see, when someone is ready to help them. Each task, uploaded by user, is stored in numeric sequence. So when i want to get data about each task i just need to know it’s number, thats easy, ok. But also my users have the ability to cancel claimed tasks, so when someome cancels your task you need to see that it happend. My idea is to store accepted tasks in like a text with delimeter “,”. And when someone cancels my task i resave my accepted tasks text in list and then delete first occurance of number of cancelled task and then resave it like a text (i’ve shown it in the blocks picture). My problem is when I’m trying to delete only one element out of the list, it deletes the whole list completely! So if you find any mistakes i just would be very grateful!

So I wouldn’t reset “text busy list” to a text string before saving. Try using the “make text from list” block the value for the Firebase save and see if that helps.