[Solved] Delete a list within a list from Firebase


I have a list of lists on Firebase (image is an example)
All values are stored in variables if needed, so i know exactly what to delete
Even if ive searched all over the forum, i still didnt got how to manage to delete something from it… (or maybe explanations were too advanced for me, as a beginner :slight_smile:
Let`s say that i want to delete only list “KNOWN VALUE 02”, and after that my cloud database will have lists KNOWN VALUE 01, KNOWN VALUE 02 and KNOWN VALUE 04
How to do that ?
Thank you.

Later edit: i hope that i dont need to clone all cloud database on local variables, then remove what i dont need anymore, then save again on cloud… Database can be at a moment huge and will be timeconsuming.

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To delete any item in the list in Firebase just set it to null.

If you want to delete KNOWN VALUE 02 then using the Realtime_DB block or cloud variable save it with value of null and you will see it disappear from the list.


already tried that, but as im saying, im a begginer and as value i put it text “null” and not null block :blush:
youre already my hero as you answered very fast on my both first 2 questions since i joined this community :innocent: