A way to delete item from Firebase

Hey ! Is there a way to completely delete an item from the database from the app ? Just with it’s name ? Thanks !

Just set its value to an empty string in a text block; this will delete it.

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I need it to be removed from the database, not just to set it’s value to “”, will it work ?

Yes—I just tested it. When you set the value to an empty string, the entry is deleted from Firebase entirely. Cheers!

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Thank you ! Nice day :slight_smile:

Hey @Kyle_Williams, it still is in the Database for me :confused: image

Please note that I want to delete the key here not the value.

Thanks !

Try using a ‘null’ block instead of a blank text block. The blank text block seems to only work for child nodes.

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Does the same :confused: image The null block (green) doesn’t change anything and the null string does the above

That’s strange, that process is working fine for me. Here is an example app:

You will need to put your own Firebase API and URL in for it to work. Let me know what this application does.

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I understand your process, it deletes the value but not the key but what I need to delete is the key :confused: Anyway I’ll work it up, thanks !

That’s very odd—I swear that it deletes the entire key when I run it, not just the value.

What the hell it’s working now you’re right…Thanks a lot but this live app is a bit buggy sometimes. Sorry for the confusion and thanks again !

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