[Solved] How can I See what is in a variable?

Hi all,

I’m trying to create a clickable link in a list. I can already see all items in the list but I need to now make it so I see the individual record when I click. I already use variables in other programming software I use so am aware of them. One of the examples available is for the Inventory Management and it does what I need but… it uses variables (Database_Obj and Database_ID). I’d like to see how those variables are actually constructed. All I see in ‘Variables’ is ‘app variable Database_Obj’. Is there a way I can see how that is constructed?



Thunkable is programmed in React Native so you can Google how variables are initialized in that language. But apart from that, you just initialize a variable and then give it a value to determine its type (string, integer, list, etc.).

For what you’re trying to do, generally you would use a List Viewer and use the green index block when the user clicks/taps to then retrieve a row from a data source (where index is the row #).

Edit: I looked at the project you mentioned from the Top Community Projects and I see you’re referring to this:

In that case, the Database_Obj is just holding a row object from the data source:

So when you get the property “Items” you’re actually getting the column with that name. The row number is determined by the value of Database_ID.


Thank you for the pointers! I followed your guidance and also searched for a video and found the following:

this, along with your explanation, nailed it! Thank you!!


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