Can I store lists in variables?

When I set my List_Viewer text items directly to a list from a table, or a regular list, it works like expected. But when I try to set my List_Viewer text items to a variable that stores these things (in the picture below), it doesn’t work. I just end up with an empty screen.

My goal is to modify a list from a table before I give it to the List_Viewer.

That should definitely work. Are you setting the value of either of those variables to something other than a list elsewhere in your project?

Any chance you can share a link to your project?

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I figure it’s some sort of bug on my end then. The variables aren’t present anywhere else. I did figure out this ‘workaround’ which does work for me though, and I actually like it better. Using a more functional approach, instead of a global variable.

Try this demo:

It works for me. You used an Any Component block instead of the standard List Viewer set text items block so I did the same but I left the standard block below it in case you want to try that.