How do I get values from Local Storage?

the thunkable bug is that whenever i get the value from local storage and add to list viewer the every letter comes specific so what is the solution

And I am also using realtime dbi

Hi @shirsathdhruvau

Can you share a screenshot of the blocks you are using please?

You can get each item like this by using the list blocks.

This is the screenshot

I am not able to understand

You need to share a screenshot of the blocks you are using to generate that display. Without seeing the blocks, we have no way of knowing what’s wrong.

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And yes i have not done the all coding

I am sorry I have just updated my coding

You are trying to show text string as List. What else would you expect???

Sorry i don’t understand

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Yes but i have not completed my coding

The List Viewer expects a list not a single line of text. Of you see the content of the List Viewer and combine them together you will see that this is the text of your first inout.

Yep, you need to provide a list for the List Viewer to display. You’re giving it a value of a single list item which is a text string.

It’s the difference between setting List_Viewer1’s text items to a list that has the value {apple, orange, lemon} which will display this:


And setting List_Viewer1’s text items to “apple” which will display this:


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How should i do that

How should i do that tatiang

If you’re storing your list items in the variable “al” then just replace “in list [value] get #1” with “al”

Just for practice, try making a simple list (e.g. {1, 2, 3} which is the default list block) and attach it to a List Viewer to see how it displays.


This might help:

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The code you have

Is giving the List Viewer one single item.

Remove the blue block and assign the List Viewer1’s text items to app variable al
you it direct without any other blocks in between.