How to store data inside list veiwer?

When I create multiple items into list viewer I only see the latest information being saved under previous items too…
how to avoid this?
and show information that is under a specific item.

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A list viewer does not store any data. It only displays data that is stored elsewhere. If you want to store data, you would use a Variable or a Data Source.

Also, if you need help with blocks that you’ve created then you need to share the link to your project or a screenshot of the blocks.

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yes so basically when the user clicks on the list item then the data in the text-input boxes that user entered showed be shown.

so basically i am setting visibility of the text-inputs to true when the item is clicked?

it’s not much I just set the visibility of few components.

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Do you mean something like this sample project

not exactly sir.
So I’m trying to build a study screen and this is how it should look when they click on a button

so this is how the list item should be shown

and when that item is click information should be shown:

This works if I only have 1 item in my list if I add more then I have the latest information stored in both of the items.

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I am sorry. I did not understand what you are trying to explain. Maybe other members could understand it and respond to you.

sir so basically if you see other apps you can enter your data and then it’s saved in a list right so when we click on a specific item then whatever they entered should be shown.
so let me take a explain with an example:
let’s take the divisions of math, science, and social.
So, these 3 will be shown in a list, and when the user clicked on that specific list item like if I click on math then whatever information user-entered related to math showed be shown. and after I am done with math when I click on science math data is not being seen so I’m asking how can we divide the info in a specific item.
Hope I was clear this time.

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Not yet clear to me.
Where do you get the data from?
If it is user input data then where do you store it?

so I’m setting the visibility of the text-inputs to false…