Display data from airtable

Sorry if this question has been posted already. I am new to thunkable and searched the community but couldnt find it.

I would like to get data from airtable and display.

  1. Step 1- Created a page with List in design
  2. Step 2 - Display a list of one columnCapture
    Below list is displayedCapture2


When I click one of the items, other fields related to that cell should be displayed. How do I do it?
Other column names are Date needed and Location.
Please help.

Have a look at this thread. Helped explained it well to me some days ago. You are using airtable and this thread is talking about local db. very similar.


Thank you so much for redirecting to the right solution!


Thanks a lot @nppvice for recommending my reply! :blush:

@jeyseny Glad I helped you! :blush: