How to make list from data source

Please someone can help me with this little problem. I want to display the number from my sheet, this is the code i use

and this is the result

as you can see the variable fullist did not working.
But when i change the code like this

as you can see it will make list from 1 to 5 right, and this is the result

its working perfectly. What do you think why the previous code did not working?
Thank you

It looks like in the first screenshot, app variable fullist is displayed as “PS4”. Is that correct? If so, those values won’t work in the “list of numbers from” block. If I’m reading that wrong and you do have numbers in your data source for both “get value” blocks then it might be that they are text strings and you need to convert them to numbers by adding zero to each one before you set app variable fullist.

Hey thank you for your response. I already solve the problem

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