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Can someone explain how to get a specific value with column as a variable in a local Data source, in the Drag-and-Drop version?

Here’s what I used in the StP version:

I’ve tried this on the DnD version, but it doesn’t work…

Thank you!

Are you trying to return a Row ID?

Can you give an example of your data source layout and how you would use this set of blocks if it did work?

I want to select a specific column that can vary, depending on the language chose by the user. Then select a value in this column.

Here’s an example:

If the user select French as a language, I want to display game explanations in French.

It works well using the blocks of StP, but I don’t know how to proceed in DnD.

So you’re wanting to do a vlookup. There’s an example here that uses a green item block but you can just substitute “explanations” for that.

That’s exatly it! Can you share the link or images of the example?

Sorry, I’m not sure why the url wasn’t included in my post. Here it is: Performing a VLOOKUP in LocalDB - #28 by tatiang

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That was part of the solution, as I wanted both row and column to be variables.
But watching your blocks just inspired me the solution I needed!

Thank you for your help Tatiang :+1:

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