[Solved] Need some help with VLookup

I need some help to build the blocks to get the specific value (“grade”) by matching two values (“Name” & “Subject”).
Currently, I am using two individual ‘ListViwer’ to show each variable (“Name” & “Subject”) and my data is in the LocalDB.
This is what I have done so far, but it still does not work.
So please anyone help me to fix my blocks.
Thanks in advance.



Hey @sooloni

Was there anything in the VLOOKUP tutorial that you can use as a reference?

Hi :wave:

Thanks for your response.

I kept trying to learn the method to do Vlookup with your instructions, but I still haven’t figure out how to do VlookUp with two separate variables.

As I already spent almost 3 weeks to figure out how to do Vlookup with two different variables, I guess I should just give up.

Check it



@sooloni does the sample project above work for you?

Thank you so much! :smile:
Finally, I learned how to do the VlookUp (with two separate variables) in Thunkable.

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Yes. The sample project works great.
Thanks! :smiley: