How to use VLOOKUP in LocalDB without using a listviewer

hello my friends,

I was trying to learn how to perform the VLOOKUP in localDB for the last 3 days, as shown in the tutorial: Performing a VLOOKUP in LocalDB.
but I am trying to change a label text to a random value in Column 1, and to change another label text to value in Column 2 (with the same index).
without using a listviewer.

unfortiinatlly, the tutorial app is not functioning.

please note, the app in the pictures is just a test app, to help me understand the VLOOKUP function.

to add, my results were that one label gives me the last value in the (List) wich is 4 always, and the other label gives me randomized value from the (sublist).
thank you all in advance.


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You problem is in “Result btn”. It is expecting a single number/text value but you are passing it a full list.

Let me advise you by first calling the function by passing it a direct number/string. Once you see it working then go to the next level and pass it the required number through the list


I really appreciate your response, I’ll try that and give you feedback.
Thank you

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