I want to search in DataSources and get the column ID


Please tell me about Create your own table of DataSource.

Add appointments to LocalDB’s DataSources with create,
If you click the value of List_Viewer, the data corresponding to the date + click value will be displayed.
Search in DataSources and get column ID
I want the Label to display the value of Column 3 in the same column.

I made Blocks, but the result is null because I couldn’t get the column ID.

Please help me because I don’t know how to get the column ID.

Thank you.

You can use an integer for the row id, corresponding to the row number (2 for the second row, 5 for the 5th row, etc.). Or if you really need the row ID, you can get it from the list of values block. See this post:

Thank you for your reply.

I have confirmed the link destination, but I hope that the application I am working on this time can be used by a large number of people, not for personal use.
Therefore, I would like to use LocalDB instead of Airtable.

For details of in-app operation
① Enter Schedule and register it in DataSources1 (yyyy-mm-dd, Schedule, yyyy-mm-dd + Schedule)
(2) Display DataSources1 in Data_Viewer_List, and click Item to display in data Viewer Select Label.
③ With the data Viewer Select Label displayed, enter the item (time + Store name + Score) and register it in DataSources2 (yyyy-mm-dd, Schedule, yyyy-mm-dd + Schedule, time, yyyy-mm-dd + Schedule + time, Store name, Score)
④ When you click Item of time_List_Viewer, Store name and Score corresponding to yyyy-mm-dd + Schedule + time are displayed in Lable respectively.

① ~ ③ have been completed, but the row pick up part of ④ has not been done well and I would like to receive your wisdom.

I’m sorry that it may not be well communicated and there may be some differences from the posted content.

Thank you.

In the “for row id” section of the “get value from” block, place the green index block there. Only that green block, no join block, nothing else.

That way, when you click on a List Viewer item – let’s say item #4 – it will get the value from row #4 (because index=4) and column 3 and assign it to the Label.

But seeing your screenshots makes me understand that you have two data sources. So you’re trying to lookup a value from one List Viewer in another Data Source, correct? If so, you need to use the green item block and then find that using “first occurrence of” and “list of values” for the data source.

Thank you for your reply.

As you said, what you want to do is definitely “trying to find the value of another data source from the list viewer”.
However, I didn’t know what I was doing and added the “list of values” part inside the block, but I couldn’t find the “first occurrence of”.
When I executed it with the “list of values” part added in the block, null was displayed on the Label and pick up could not be done correctly.

I’m sorry many times, but how do I make changes to pick up correctly?

Thank you.

Here’s a demo of how to do this:


(See the screen with your username.)

You should never have a join block connected as a row id. Row IDs are either integers or they are long text strings like “H@#7d9E0&n3kL2!m”. You either use a whole number or you look up the ID itself using the list of values block:

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Thank you for your reply.

What you taught me When I actually incorporated it, it worked fine.

Thank you very much for your help.

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