How to find and use row id with Data Viewer List?

When I use the below blocks, thunkable asks for row id. So how can I find and use row id from the local table (data viewer list) for purposes like navigating through screens, opening links etc.?

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First of all it’s giving you the row id, not asking you for it. Second of all, in case you didn’t know, row id means the row number.

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I’ve done this for you but in the future, please make your titles a short summary of the issue.

You can use the green row id block inside of a Data Sources block since those require a row id. As an example, if you click on the 3rd row of the Data Viewer List (DVL), and then do a Get Value from the data source using the row id block, you’ll be getting the value from the 3rd row of the data source/table.

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