Getting the row selected from data view

To get the value for the row chosen from a dataview i di what as i get the rowId which is a long string
I cant seem to get the row value to check in a if condition of which i need to do more statements but this doesnt work.


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The green block row ID corresponds to the column ID in the table. This is a hidden column and you can use it to retrieve data directly from the table or do other checks.

The row number is something the Data Viewer event blocks should have.

Please add a comment to this feature request: Data Viewer List click event blocks should include rowNum · Issue #1179 · thunkable/thunkable-issues · GitHub

Well i cant work this out sorry as my code gets an undefined message on Label 3 but label2 works fine. How do i access a row value and store in a variable?

If you store the green row id block in a variable, you need to use that variable again for the row id in each get value block.

Also, avoid doing this:


Because you’re telling Thunkable to set an app variable called [the value of app variable “xx”] to a value. I think you meant to set the value of app variable xx. There’s already a block for that in the Variables drawer. You don’t need to use the set app variable block that has an empty string " ". But if you do want to use that, just type in xx where you have app variable "xx".

Use this block:

Instead of this one:

yes that worked. thanks i didnt pick this up

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