Row id value in a data viewer list

I don’t undertand which are the values of row id for each row in a dataviewer list. What is the id value for each single row? I mean row id is equal to what in the blocks? I would like that the button3 and button4 in row1 open a link while button3 and button4 in row2 open another link…and so in with the other rows. The data are loaded from a Google Sheet file. Thanks!

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In Data Viewer List/Grid RowID corresponds to the rowID in the table itself. So if you want to update the data source or read more information not available in the data viewer list/grid, you will use the rowID to specify the record within the table in your data source.

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Hi, I’m having the same problem and sorry I didn’t understand the solution provided. I’m using data viewer list with airtable as the data source. What I want to do is, when we click on one specific list, it will direct to a specific page, then when another list is being clicked, another specific page will be displayed. However, I don’t understand how to deal with the “row id” block. Herewith I attached a screenshot of my program blocks. Please help me.

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You should use the green block row id" in the get value from block in place of the for row id