How to "get" one intire row from the data Source

How to “get” one intire row from the Data Source using my own created table in the design tab?
Tried it already and i can only get one specific column… WHY is there no “Get intire row ID” as a prebuilt block…?

You can use the Get Row Object block with an integer for the row id.

Hmmm - Following your example i get only (object Oject) in a label, picking up row 1
for row id i took “1” for the first row

Below you also see an example of the sama data using Data Viewer list instead (seng 123)
I am missing columns and it seem impossible to connect all columns to the Data viewers list
I just want to show the data for each row asked for available in a list or label

Conceptually i take for granted that this should be possible… Can u guide perhaps ?

Sorry, a row object is not a typical variable that you might be used to like a text string or list. It contains property value pairs so you have to use the “get property of” block to access each value.

So for example, if your data source has a column called “Colors” then to access the value of the cell in that column for the row object, you would get the property “Colors” of the object (where the object is the row object you got with the “get row object” block). Confusing, I know, so I recommend…

This is discussed in the tutorial video in the “Read” section of the Data Sources documentation: Data Sources - Thunkable Docs


Excellent - Clear now - Thanks
Just another related topic. Really simple and foolish question
This block - Obviously should change background color to green when Piano button is clicked and if it is currectly gray (Which it is as default) i Assumed that when clicking and the BGC is Gray then it should chang to green. But it does not…until i click another time…Whats Wrong? Any idea…??

I suspect that the default value for a button’s color is not equal to the gray color block you used in the if condition.

Try assigning a label or text input’s text to the Piano’s Background Color block. I bet you’ll see something like “RGBA(128,128,128,1).”

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