User Interface Feature Request!

The left hand menu opens both the component lists and the screen lists, every time I move from blocks back to screens.

It’s very irritating and I would expect to be able to close a menu and it stay closed as a free user, let alone as a pro user. It’s just good user experience.

Please vote on this if you would like Thunkable to fix this.



Thanks for the feedback and request @hdawc

I’m not 100% sure which menu you’re referring to though - mind sharing a screenshot?


Hi Dom, please see attached

Thank you.

I should add that I know it’s not a bug and that it’s intentional, but it makes things more difficult nonetheless :slight_smile:

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@hdawc, that may be a pain. One workaround will be grabbing the horizontal separator with three dots between the component/screen tree and the component picker and dragging it down or up depending on which section you need. That bar allows for resizing those areas.

Oh, it’s not even about trying to move screen components around the tree. Even the “Add Components” menu does it and it can get frustrating to have to close them.

I know you can search but that’s not the point :wink:

Also, if I resize the Screens menu so I can see the full tree, when I return from blocks the menu has gone back to 50/50 split again. That is also irritating.

It’s like the UI doesn’t “remember” my settings.

You are absolutely correct! They do reset each time you navigate back and forth between screens.

See my related github post Here

Dom, if you see this please refer to the above github post by Jared:

It is not exactly what I am talking about, but I think that fix would fix my issue.

I’d also like the Editor or ‘Screens’ screen to save changes I make, e.g. If I make the component picker height zero, I want it to stay that way.

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Hi! Does anyone know if it’s planned to improve the navigation bar in the block editing section? Now it looks like just a list of names - it’s just a pain to look for the right component :sob:.
In the classic version, there were icons and tree splits, which is much more convenient to use

Also it would be cool, if there was a quick search by name like in Add Component bar

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