Some space to better grab some components

Some blocks like this one

manina su blocco thunk 2
Manina su blocco thunkable 1
are a little bit hard to grab without clicking a functional part, is it possible to add some neutral space, before or after, on the left or on the right, to make grabbing easier?

Thank you.

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When I click and drag the variable block from a “does ____ contain” block, it still lets me move the variable block without changing the dropdown menu value. Does that not work for you?

Wow, it works, I remember this used to open the drop down menù, maybe it was cause it was laggy or I dunno why, thanks.

Should I delete the thread or just flag your comment as a solution?

Either! You could probably just delete it.

Maybe someone like me hasn’t tried to grab variables by the drop menu in a long time too? XD

Ok i got back to using thunkable,the problem is when you want to duplicate or delete a dingle component (like variables) that doesn’t have enough space to comfortably select it

Are you right-clicking on the variable block? That works really well for me.

Right again but i prefer ctrl c- v it’s faster, i’ll try rclick